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Friday, 12 December 2014

Got my first ever Proof copy!

It's kind of hard to do a selfie with a book and get them both just right, but here I am with my first ever really-truly-looks-like-a-book copy of one of my novels!  I'd far rather have written ten more books than learn all I had to learn to get this one book going on Create Space, but I did it!

Unfortunately the interior is not quite as snazzy as I want it to be, so I've gone back to Create Space and redone the interior, so now I wait for another proof copy and cross my fingers!  


  1. Oh, congratulations! That must feel just so, so, so fantastic. Well done on your hard work coming to fruition :)

  2. Cool! And your cover looks great too!

  3. Thanks! This cover was done by my friend Carmen at

    I was so lucky she agreed to do it for me! It glows, especially in real life!


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