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Friday, 10 November 2017


Firstly beanie finished!

The recipient says he loves it, which is kinda sad because I badly wanted to keep it.  It made me happy just to wear it.

Secondly, red-head standoffs happen here a lot.  This one was between Mr Kitty and some chickens.

Kitty:  "I didn't really want to  go over there anyway."
The chickens won.

Hey food-person, are you in there?
Thirdly Andyroo had a call-back interview for a job today so I went into town to be his chauffeur.  While he was in the interview, I took myself off to, "Walking With Dinosaurs."  It was simultaneously lame and interesting!   I figure it is good author research in case I ever want to add some more Cretaceous critters to a "Land of..." book.

Plus, you know, the chance to have people take stupid tourist photos of you.

And to take even stupider selfies.

Yes I patted every one of them.   Of course I did!



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