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Friday, 17 November 2017

Birdie Num Num

Hmm don't know why I titled it that.  Feeling a bit, "Friday afternoon silly," I think. Certainly I have a few bird pics, starting with this one.  I had to wait the car in the driveway yesterday while this two got on with a bit of Bronzewing boinking.   Who am I to stand in the way of true love?

Hey, do it right in front of a blogger, get photographed! 

This year's baby Magpie is still doing well. I saw her the other day out in the next door paddock, sitting very quietly, with no adult nearby.  It's interesting that she knows to keep nice and quiet while her protector is not close.  When they are, she yells her head off.

She looked so tiny and vulnerable.

Speaking of tiny, this mama Maned Duck (Wood Duck) was out on her walk when we were out on ours this week too.  These guys nest in tall trees, and I suspect the babies do those suicidal-looking leaps down to land when they hatch.  Would love to see it one day!

In other news, it's been thundery this week. Don't love the sultriness, but do love the clouds!

We got to visit with some lovely Standard Poodles too!  (The humans were nice as well, but you know, POODLES!)

The pics are awful because it was pretty dark in there.  They came up for lots of pats and their ears are so soft.   As you can see from this pic of them 'foofing' them about at play.

Heh.  Such a sweet pair.

I've started planing some of the Karri (as Gav told me it is) ready to make a picnic table. 

The dogs quite like sitting around outside with me while I do it.  Has anyone else noticed that animals like it when you spend time with them outside?  They know outside is better for us, and them, than inside, though of course if you're in they'd rather be with you.

It's a pretty cool workspace.  The lucerne trees have been trimmed underneath for years, and also trimmed above because of our powerline, so they have kind of gone sideways into this lovely canopy. Wouldn't suit a taller person but it does me just fine!

Hey, that's a pretty cool angle of the magic cottage too!  How I love it!

Have a lovely weekend.   Do something weird.  Have an adventure.  Make something with your hands.   Read a good book.  Talk to a tree.   Habit is for nuns!


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