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Thursday, 19 January 2017

What a relief!

6 weeks post Op!  I finally get to vacuum my own floors!  It's taking me three goes to do it, and I'm holding my tum with one hand while I do it, but it is still a great relief.  I'm not sure anyone loves cleaning floors, but it is awful to be unable to do them when you want to, the way you want to!

I've been knuckling down on getting Land of Giants going this week.  The book's cover art is now ready for watercolour.  I'll do a 'stages of art' post soon but for now here is a detail of Lem from the final drawing. I love it and think I have managed to keep that feel in the ink stage.  Hopefully it will remain into the colour stage too.  If you've read Land of Fire, you'll remember Lily's housemate, Lem.  He gets to be front of stage this book around!

The Illawarra Flame Tree is still flowering but a lot of the pretty blossoms have started falling.  The car looks like it is going to a wedding, and the road outside is covered in red flowers that have blown away as we take off.

There are a lot on the ground too.

Sweet Rosie.  This morning mum met the guy who owns one of her litter brothers, Ranger.  He reckons he is a fantastic dog and they love him to bits, and people are always asking where they got him because they want a dog like him too.  So lovely when your planned litter turns out as well as that one did.  You can't always be so lucky even when you do your best to get it right, but mum really did it right, and got lucky too, with Rosie and her brothers and sister.
"I'm kind of interested in the ball."
What a dear girl she is.

Funny Tuppence is a bit more 'complex,' shall we say.

"I will hyp-not-o-size the ball to throw itself with the power of my gaze!"
Whose turn will it be?
Angus is somewhere in the middle between his mama and sister.  He is certainly more complex than Rosie and has a lot more up and down moods, but he is nowhere near as intense as Tuppy.  They are all so different, aren't they.  To say that any dog will turn out the same as long as you raise them right is doing both the dog and the owner a disservice.  They require individual training and management just like any parent of multiple kids will tell you.  To think anything else is to reduce dogs to mindless automatons of response, which they are definitely not!   

Note husband's grubby, dusty feet from two circuits of the paddock.  Yep, summer is here now!

Ok, time for the next and hopefully final stage of floor vacuuming, then time to do some more editing on my book.  Have a good weekend!  Put some fun and adventure in it!        





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