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Monday, 9 January 2017

Ok, bored now.

A week and a bit more before I can do all the normal things.  In the meantime, I got to take pictures while the others did practice at manoeuvring the vehicles at the station via hand signals and then again just by radio.

Getting ready to try the maze.

Sister Jen driving, Pierre guiding.

Oops!  That's a carton of beer!

Jen guiding, Pierre driving.  They were both laughing by this point. 

I'm driving again now but only the automatic.  Not up to those clutch pedals yet!   No fires for me yet either, but so far that hasn't mattered.  We haven't had a single call in ages, which is brilliant news for the trees, birds and animals of Mundaring.  There is a big one down in the Swan Valley today so we may yet get a call to take a shift down there, but so far we haven't, and if we do I won't be going.   

Today my middle niece, Molly, and I are spending some time exploring Druid-y and Shaman-y things like meditation, divination and spirit journeying.

She isn't standing on anything. I really am that short!  :D
I'm back now.  We had a good time.  I figure if you have to be a grown-up, you might as well be one who knows that there is more to life than what our current society wants you to think there is!

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