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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Lyre song, "Raven Wings," by Hauk.

Well I feel like I've turned a bit of a corner with my recovery.  Really beginning to feel good now, though at times I overdo it and my tummy decides it has lost all ability to carry itself.  I'm told this is normal and all good.  Shopping trolleys are currently my number one enemy! Who knew how much you needed your stomach to wrestle those critters?  Not me!

I've finished my cover art for the latest book.  Am dying to show you but for now here is a little detail to whet your interest.

Heh heh, lots going on there!

I've nearly got the manuscript ready to go too. Phew, this book has taken me nearly a year from go to woah.  It's a biggie though!

In the meantime, I've been messing with music again.  Here is my latest effort on the lyre.   I well understand the sentiments in this song by Hauk.  Hauk Heimdallsman really has a good handle on songs that rise out of dark places.  Anyone who has lived with Lyme knows about doing that!

I'll try to video the next one somewhere else, but this is where I sit to play of a summer's evening, and in there the flies and mozzies can't get to me and distract me, so for now, in the gazebo it is.

Here's the original! It's a TAD heavier than mine.  :D

I know a lot of bloggers are talking politics and such lately, and I do have feelings on the topic, especially women's rights, fairness, and the environment, but really, the whole thing makes me so frustrated, and it is nice to be away from the subject here on my blog.  At any rate, I'll be keeping my medieval clothes close to hand because I think soon we'll be needing to wear them again.  Those jokes about turning the clocks back 300 years aren't really that funny.  Argh!  The world has gone nuts! 

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