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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Horsey & Afghany.

I went on watched my middle niece and my sis have a lesson on Sunday morning. It was perfect weather; warm but not hot, nice gentle breeze, shady spot to sit.  I got some great a photos of them.  Hard to pick a  favorite but these four come close.

Fionn and Jen are going great guns. This is their first private lesson. He has been under saddle just over a year now.  He is looking quite magnificent. 

 He is such a character, I spent a lot of the lesson laughing along with Jen because he is just so funny!

Molly's pony, Mahlee, is a complex character, the sort of intelligent, opinionated mare you often see in Arabians and Part Arabians like her.  She reminds me of my Sherry.  Molly has done so well building such a good relationship with a horse who isn't easy.  I'm proud of her.

It was fun to watch mother and daughter have their lesson together.


I didn't feel any urge at all to be out there riding, though.  I keep waiting for the desire to come back, but it hasn't yet.  Maybe it never will. I'd never have thought that horses and riding would stop being a passion but there you have it. Life changes.

Molly also became the lucky recipient of my latest crocheted afghan yesterday.

Here is Andrew, who was off to do chainsawing but stopped to hold the finished product up for me.  I like the 'Hellboy' earmuffs poking over the top.

The colours look wrong there.  I think they look more true to life in this next pic, and I love how the edging came out.

 And I had one very happy recipient!  Yay! 

There was time for music in the screened gazebo too.  My patient girls watched the world go by.

While Fido played King of The Castle outside.

Those young chooks, they love their foraging so much.  It's a pleasure to be out there watching them and playing music, while my loyal Black Watch wait for the lyre to be put down ready for walk time. 



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