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Monday, 2 January 2017

Big and Little

We took the 1.4 for a drive the other day.  It's catalytic converter likes it better if it gets some longer runs and lately what it's done most is idle.

I'm still not driving so Andrew got the privilege.

We parked her up at a roadhouse and a Semi-Trailer came and pulled alongside, dwarfing our poor little firetruck, which usually looks pretty big.   :D

My little chookies are growing up.  They have started laying little dark brown eggs, bless 'em, and are allowed free range time.  They get VERY excited and run everywhere with their necks stretched up looking and pecking at things.  They are being very good about coming when called at bedtime though.  I'd got them in the habit of coming for sunflower seeds when I called the old girls in so they are doing the same now they are out too.

That's Red Rover and Fido, from our south window.

My latest afghan has finally had all the current ends woven in.  Man, so many ends!  It is pretty big now, and will be bigger once I have done the final rows round the outside.  Luckily there won't be too many more ends!

Looking good, I think!

My sister Jen has finished reading Land of Giants and says it is my best yet.  Weeee!  She should know, she's test read every single one for me!

I'm writing again already but won't say why yet.  Fun!         

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