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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Archie the Character.

Archie is the last horse I owned, bought sight unseen as an 18 month old from far away in the eastern states. He's a Gypsy Cob cross. 

It was a mistake for a lot of reasons, not least because our characters turned out to be chalk and cheese.  There was that, and there was the fact that I still wasn't really well enough to care for him and Jerry, the elderly pony I borrowed from my sister to keep him company.

This is what he looked like as a VERY naughty, hairy, bored 18 month old.

This is what he looked like as a baby.  (Awwwww!)

He is turning five about now and his new owner Louise had these pictures taken of him this week down at the beach.  She is an amazing trainer who suits his cheeky personality down to the ground.

Pro pics taken by and bought from Vickiphotos.

Look at that opinionated bottom lip!  :D  She calls him Labrahorse because he is more like a dog in many ways than a horse, and he was annoying them all by getting his nose into everything in their camp on the beach, then he got bored and went off and bothered other people instead, so she made him go and lie down for a time out.  

This is him sulking in time out.

Cheering up a bit.

And finally, the best shot of all, another pro shot by Vickiphotos.  Beach baby Archie complete with umbrella and hat.   The perfect postcard photo!

I have never had a moment's doubt that I sold him to the very best person to suit his 'out there' personality.  It's a good example of how we should never hold onto a horse if the match is not working.  Someone out there is waiting for their perfect horse! 



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