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Friday, 30 September 2016

Dogs of the Family Pack: The Cairn Terriers

This is Dougal.  He came along when I was, um, probably just school age. 

He was feisty, funny, smart and opinionated, like most Terriers, but as I got older he and I got to be good friends.  In those days a kid could take her dog lots of places.  

Later, along came Kirsty. Cairn Terrier puppies don't look real. They look more like stuffed toys.

Jenny was pretty darned cute too!

Then they go through a really odd stage where they molt out to their true colour. 

Kirsty was a wheaten colour, really pretty.  She wasn't the smartest dog, but she was super sweet.  This isn't her, but it could have been.   

She and Dougal got to have a couple of litters of puppies.  

We were lucky to get to grow up with such nice dogs.  I'm not sure why I don't like Terriers more.  Well, it's not so much that I don't like them, as that I don't feel capable of managing one.  They are generally feistier than me!


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