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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Yarn, old photos and fireys

Look at this lovely handpainted yarn I got from Marigold and dog!  I plan to make some easy crocheted wrist warmers from this tutorial by Bunnymummy.

I love the delicious autumn colours!

Was messing with our filing cabinet and found these old newspaper clippings in a file I'd forgotten I had.  (As you do.) How cute was I? Keech was even cuter.  :)

This next one was our University motorbike club.  I have memories of some very wild rides with that lot!  See me grinning there behind Bill the dog?  I was riding my Yamaha XS 250.  Later I graded up to The Maxx, who was a load of fun. I have little memory of that second bike, only that it was maybe 600 CC and belt driven, and hand-painted matt black, and I don't have even one photo of it! 

It's fun to come across these long forgotten memories, isn't it!

Fireys has been going on as usual. Here are Elton and his wife Michelle.

Elton was already in the Brigade when we joined and is a fellow ex-SCAer!

Not sure if we ever met in our SCA days, but I do remember that the first time saw him I thought to myself, "That guy needs to be in the SCA!" so maybe we did, though I do meet other people who I think that about too.  :)

Michelle and I have got to be friends, so I am pleased she has joined the Brigade too! 

We had a lot of fun bouncing around in the Light Tanker together behind the 1.4 as we did some track familiarisation last Saturday.

We all switched positions round a lot, so at one point I was being driven by Gogs, who is always good value.

Next thing I was driving the Light Tanker with Michelle, and then I was crammed in the back of the 1.4 with the beefy lads.

Had to leave the door open and hang half out to get the seatbelt done up, we were so squeezy!

It was fun, although maybe not this much fun, Gogs!

Next weekend we're holding a Games Night for the Brigade.  Hope it goes well!



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