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Friday, 25 September 2015

The lost week.

What we've been doing this week can be summed up in one photo.  This one:

Yep we've had, or in my case still have, the dreaded flu lurgy.  Some kind person at Andyroo's work presumably decided to be all heroic and come to work while still sick, and now quite a few of his or her work mates are off sick too.  Not to mention all the spouses, grandparents and kids who probably got it on the rebound. 

Ah well, I know it's a tricky thing, this being sick.  They make mouth music to tell us we must stay home when we're sick, but at the same time there is so much pressure to come to work no matter what, or risk being seen as not dedicated enough.  Funny old world. I've said it before and I'll surely say it again.  :)

We've not only had some hellish days, we also have to miss our Bushfire Brigade's annual dinner this weekend, plus a fuel reduction burn and our usual Saturday schedule as well.  I'm really bummed about the dinner especially.  We're so enjoying being part of a team again and the dinner is one of the special team bonding events of the year.

We had fun last Saturday.  We took out the light tanker and put out some smouldering ashes at the site of a burn off from the night before, fueled her up and topped up her water tank, and then gave her a good wash over ready for other members to take her to a local community event the next day.  It's fun to wash a vehicle using fire hoses.  :) 

Anyway, with me still only just coming out of the worst of it, and poor Andrew tottering about trying to look after things while I recover, this won't exactly be my longest post ever!

The yellow boy in that photo at the top, looking somewhat bored with all the inactivity, is Angus, Rosie's son and Tuppy's litter brother.  Mum was away last week, so Angus and Grandma Tess came to us, and luckily I managed to avoid going right down with the flu until she came home to look after her two.  In fact, she's been walking ours for us since Wednesday morning!  Thank goodness for extended families!

Monday evening, I was so far just a little snotty, and the light was so lovely, I managed to get some beautiful pics of the dogs while out doing their evening ball game.  I'll post a couple of preview pics just to whet your appetite.  :)  

That Angus, what a movie star he is!  He was a stand-out right from the moment he was born into my hands.  Must do him his own post one of these days.

I liked this Star Trek style tableau.  :)  

Tuppy is so fast that Angus sometimes tries to get a head start by staying out there.  :)


  1. Haha, love that last pic. So do you have ... four dogs?

    I'm still waiting to see if I can stabilise my health more before getting a dog but Loire is not complete without one, is it?

    I hope you and Andyroo have recovered, or just about, by now. I agree, it's frustrating how eager we are to flog ourselves when we're sick and our bodies are screaming to go to bed ... all in order to give it to other people. We are strange creatures

  2. We have two and mum next door has two, all related, and we share the paddock where we exercise them. :) I must admit I'd like another one, maybe just a little one to snuggle on my lap, but for now we're keeping the status quo as is. It's kind of like having two dogs and two step-dogs. :)


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