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Sunday, 20 September 2015

People who inspire me: Charles de Lint and MaryAnn Harris

Charles de Lint.  How could he not be inspiring for someone like me?  He's not only a writer I would love to be as good as, he's also musical as well, and he's just a downright nice human being.

I'm not sure which is my favorite book of his.  Maybe Greenmantle.  I've read it more times than any of the others, if that counts.  They are all great reads, though.  I even like his short stories, which is very unusual for me.  I'm not usually a short story person.  My copy of Greennmantle has the same cover as this one. As a pagan, how could I go past it in the second hand book store?  It was the beginning of my journey of reading Charles de Lint.

It's not just that he writes fantasy. Within those fantasies, he writes real people with the sort of heart and empathy for his characters that fantasy writers sometimes seem to lack.  He also writes music into his books, which I love as well. It's like he sets the background music for your reading experience.

So. Music. If Charles can be good at both writing and music, then so can I, is what I often remind myself.  And art too. The creative urge can cross boundaries and should cross boundaries. You don't need to pigeonhole yourself.  Each creative endeavour enriches and informs the others, even if one of those pursuits is your best one. 

One of my fave songs of all time is this one by Charles.  I love to listen to it and also to play it on my guitar.  It's extra pleasurable to me because it was inspired by another one of my favorite books, The Woodwife, by Terri Windling. 

He really enjoys his music too.  I came across this one the other day while hunting up ukelele songs for Andyroo. So much fun.

Here he is with his wife MaryAnn Harris, a musician in her own right. I love her EP, especially her song, Crow Girls.

His relationship with MaryAnn is another thing to inspire me.  They work so well together.  They make music together and support each others' efforts.  They are loyal and loving.  I like to think that Andrew and I are like that too, and its good to see couples who keep making it work as the years go by.

They were kind enough to send me the chords to two of their songs, and to take an interest in my Anglo-Saxon lyre, which, incidentally, was named after my reading one of Charles de Lint's short stories.  "Mondream," an Anglo-Saxon word, meaning, "Dreaming the life of a man."  What does a musical instrument do if not that?   
Plus, they both adore their little rescue dog, Johnny Cash.  To someone like me, that is one of the best things.  :)

This pic is pinched from a great blog post by Terri Windling on artists and their dogs

Thanks for the inspiration, Charles and MaryAnn. Keep writing and making music!





  1. I shall have to get reading (well listening if audio books available) Especially Green mantle as I just love that cover!
    June's and are very much of that ilk also. We continue to illusive and support each other and only seem to grow stronger and closer.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know you'll enjoy them I'd meant to give you a print edition of one of his books that I have two copies of, but I forgot when you were up here, dammit!

    2. Yes definitely you and Jules too. :) It's a lucky pair of people who get to go through life knowing there is always someone who has their back!


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