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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Doggy fun

 Grandma Tess

 Tuppy in front, Rosie behind.

 Angus has the ball!

 I love this one.  Such intensity.
 Please!  Please!  Throw the ball!

 Angus is a happy chappy.
 And so handsome!

 Brother and sister silly faces!
 Quick, the sun's setting!  Throw the ball some more while we still can!

 Angus says, "Every side is my best side."

 Mama Rosie and her big baby son.  

Rosie got the ball!

Yes we're still sick here. It's a nasty nasty bug!


  1. Oh, they're so beautiful. I especially love the one of Tuppy sitting and Angus standing in the background. Very stylish :-) Balls are so good to use to get good shots with aren't they.


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