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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bunyip Dreaming goes live!

Well, finally my newest novel, Bunyip Dreaming, is available for Kindle on Amazon!  It has been a slow and steady sort of process to get it there, but it's been fun too.

This is the official short blurb for the book:

"Would you take a boon if it was offered to you by a mythical Australian water beast?

Trapped in an ailing body and an empty life, Anna is desperate enough to do just that, but like all such mythical wishes, this one is granted in a way that Anna doesn't expect. She finds herself not only with a new life, but on a new planet as well, with alien invaders to fight and a desperate populace to lead.

Anna has what she wished for, if not in the way she might have chosen. Can she take advantage of her newly-strong warrior's body and powerful place in this new society to make a life worth living?

Finding a purpose at last and quickly becoming fond of those around her, Anna is determined to make good, but even if she somehow saves her new people, will this existence turn out to be all a dream after all? Will she find herself back in her old body and life no matter how well she does?

Only the bunyip knows!"

I guess it's a bit of a Sword and Sorcery meets aliens kind of book, but it's also got more going on as well.  The experience of being trapped in a body that is failing you is one I know well, and I put some of my heartache and frustration into giving Anna a new body. I wanted to see if she could make good without that health millstone around her neck any longer.  

I had so much fun giving her a new body and a new life, and new people and strange alien animals to love.  Escapism?  Oh yes!  You betya!

As usual, I did the cover art too, and on Monday I'll do a progress post to show you how I got to the cover I ended up with.

In the meantime, please read it!  At 99 cents US for the Kindle version, what have you got to lose?  My sister, Jen, says it's one of my best ever books, and she should know because she's read them all.  :)     


  1. Ooh, can't wait! My hubby has a kindle, so I'll get it. Sounds fun!
    Hope you're doing well despite the less than perfect body. We all have our crosses to bear - my granny used to say. Ain't it the truth!? Just remember, it could always be worse. Much worse. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I so enjoy your visits! Will post pics of Charlotte as soon as I get this bleeping computer to cooperate. grrrrrrr...she is a joy though. Ruby has awakened and is really enjoying "her" puppy now. :) Love to you and good luck with the newest book.

  2. Yes the old dogs do get a new lease of life when a puppy comes into the family! I know it could be worse, and it has been, and I don't let it hold me back for long, but it is a life experience that I can write about with verisimilitude.


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