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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Chicken Soup for Satan is in Print!

Here it is, and in the interests of variety, I didn't do a selfie with it this time. Instead Cyrano is my model, though he didn't find it exciting enough to actually wake up.  :)

To celebrate the arrival of Chicken Soup in print, if you comment here or on my FB page I will add your name to a hat.  In one week from today, I will have Andyroo draw out one name to have a print copy sent to that person anywhere in the world.

Here's a five star review from Amazon by Gavin to whet your appetite!

"Merrybard has presented, here, a wonderful first person narrative. "Satan" - the narrators nickname/alter ego - is you hard as concrete exterior personality over softer, deeper core kind of bad arse suburban Aussie. He drives a black utility, "the Nasgul", has long hair and tats, and his best mate is a white Sheppard named Ghost.

Satan has been stuck living with his aging, ex-pat English, parents for too long and he needs to get away from his matriarchal mother and senile father. So he finds himself a share house. With very, very different people than he normally associates with. Is this finally where he can really be himself? Can he finally let the hard, unsmiling exterior go? It all seems rather idyllic for a short while

Then weird s*** starts happening. The world as they - Satan and his housemates - know it becomes more and more warped. With strange creatures from the imaginations and myths turning out to be very, very real.

Come along for the ride. Chicken Soup for Satan is laid out by a very talented story teller and the first person style works beautifully. I'll definitely be reading this one again and have already recommended it to friends and family as well worth the time and money."

Do comment and good luck!



  1. Oh, count me in!!! I loved the bit I read earlier when you shared...congratulations!!! Again - I cannot even imagine. A published author. Quite the accomplishment my friend! Well done!

    1. Why thank you, Lorie! It feels big to me too after so many yeas of writing but not publishing, then being sick for a decade, and finally coming out of the dark. I've just finished preparing the very last of my old novels for print, the horsey one called Cunning Plans. Now I only have to concentrate on the new ones as I write them!

      Your name will be in the hat for the freebie! Good luck!

  2. Chicken Soup For Satan is wildly original (and my favourite Merrybard tale so far). Combining the ordinary with the extraordinary creates delicious twists and turns, keeping you enthralled to the very end. Love all the characters - human, animal and ... Quite the page turner!


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