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Friday, 13 March 2015

Freya and the Golden Bear is in Print!

Golly it took the Proof copy ages to get here, but when it did it was most beauteous!

It should be live on Amazon US soon, and maybe in a couple of weeks for Amazon UK.  In the meantime the Kindle edition is still only 99 cents.    

This is the first novel I ever wrote. It is not as polished as some of my later ones, but it is full of life and fun.  If you like to read Sword and Sorceries but get tired of them taking themselves too seriously, this is the book for you.  If you like horses, this is the Sword and Sorcery for you. If you like strong female lead characters, this is the fantasy for you.  Plus, it's just downright funny.  Be warned, though, it's a bit rude.

I'm so close to having Chicken Soup ready for proofing and Kindle.  When it goes live to Kindle, I'll celebrate by having a book giveaway, so please like my Facebook page ready for that!

This week in crochet, I sent my latest amigurumi off to his new home with my niece, so I can post him now.

Man, that mane took some time to do!  I rather liked it spread right out before I doubled it and sewed it down.

For some reason, he ended up looking like a teddy masquerading as a lion. Not sure why.  The original pattern doesn't look like that.  Something about the eye placement I think, or maybe my choice of colours.  Anyway my niece is happy with him and he's very cuddly so that's what counts.

For my twitcher friends, I found this video I did a few years back of a mama magpie feeding her baby. Not much changes for the maggies year by year.  Every year it's a new nagging open mouth.  :)

We have a cyclone coming down the West Coast of Australia today, but hopefully by the time it reaches here it will be nothing but plenty of rain, which we and the trees will be very glad of.  I wish for you the very weather than you most need!


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