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Friday, 16 March 2018

My arse is fine, thank you for asking.

The knife went in about 4cms deep, if the blood on it was anything to go by.  It is healing up remarkably quickly. I think we underestimate our own body's ability to heal itself.  I am a modern person and am lucky enough to have access to modern antibiotics if needed, but I  don't think we should use them willy nilly, so i waited to see what would happen.

What happened is that a few days after I accidentally stabbed myself in the bum, I was able so spend a large part of the day removing tree branches, after my over-enthusiastic young Firey mate, Thor, there, got carried away with the chainsaw when we were taking down the rest of the dodgy tree.  Yes, we now need to rebuild our chook pen from scratch!  Go Thor!   :D

"Arrrr!!!  Thor is unrepentant!!!" 

The mower escaped with some minor remodelling.  The trailer, still under that lot at this point, was a bit less lucky, but some rope made it useable.

As for me, well, I took to my heels and my bum worked super well as I high-tailed it out of there when the tree came down!  (And no the irony of a Druid being killed by a tree did not escape me!)

Apartment living has never looked so good!

Ah well, at least I have a lot of space and freedom now to redesign the whole chook pen from scratch, which will be good.  In the meantime we can shut them up in the dome to keep them safe.  They're slowly coming together as a flock, though not often as close as they were when I tipped over the baby chook cage to let them get at the hay in it.


In other news, Mr Fitty Kitty is as cuddly as usual.  By the way we often use a pillow like this for him because he is too big for your lap and his bum hangs off the side.  A bit like me when sitting on hard chairs this week!

And, this is what happens when you let a 24 year old get to your inspiring fridge message!

(I have no idea what a titpotato is, but it's one of those up there!

And this is what happens when two old ladies dance at parties...

Annie and Tina rockin' out amongst the boring people!

Ah hell, we don't care!  We had fun!  If you can't give up caring what people think when you're old, when can you?  (Not that I think you should wait that long!  Start today!)

Not sure what the weekend will hold, but hopefully it will be less dangerous than this week has been for me!   Keep safe folks! 


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