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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Monster chickens!

Spotty's kids are getting big.

She decided the other day that it was weaning day, so every time one tried to poke their beak into the hole she was scratching, they'd get it pecked.  Poor kids, they had no idea what was happening and it took them a little while to twig that the hand-outs were over.  I can't blame her though. She is looking worn out.  Five at once is a lot of twerping, scurrying, tussling teenagers to keep track of. 

Yesterday we left the dogs and chooks to mum's care and did a 7 hour stint at the control point for a fire in a nearby shire.  It was my first turnout for my coms brigade, even though we did the shift for another comms unit that was running low on numbers. It was interesting, and much much cleaner than being actually on the fireground!  I really felt for the sooty, tired people who came in to pull their t-cards to go home, even while I wished I was out there too.  Still, there will be other days, of both sorts hopefully.

Kerrie is a whizz at the boards and T-cards and taught me a lot!  I always like to see her adorable face, and Tom's, when I show up somewhere. Volunteers really are generally lovely people!

We came home mentally tired but happy from a job well done and, since it was out of our area,  meeting and chatting to many new people was the icing on the cake. 

My sister, Jen, has started Fionn back in work in the last two weeks.  It is so lovely to see him back under saddle after his very bad leg injury that might have ended not only his soundness but his life. I never did show you the photos of that first day, but I assure it was very nasty.  It has been 5 months of dedication from Jen to get him healed.   It is equally lovely to see Jen healed enough to be out aboard Snow, her new boy, bush-riding with Fionn carrying her friend Fiona for his fifth ride.  My brave sis!  I'm not sure I'd have got back on any horse after that terrifying fall, but here she is, and smiling too!  

Way to go Jen and Fionn!


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