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Friday, 12 January 2018

Dirty Stop-out!

Sorry, missed my monday post.  Been so busy working on a new website and an outdoor table, and goodness knows what else.  (May have been some socialising in there too!)

Miss Chick the tea cosy is still holding pride of place on the groaning board at my friend Fifi's place. 

The real chicks are growing so fast that they have graduated out to the chook dome, causing much excitement all round.  These are the lengths I was going to to to give them some meal-worms without being mugged by the big chooks.  Rover would then perch on the roof and I would have to lift her up with the roof when I wanted out!

Meal-worms are chicken crack, no joke.  Very good for baby chicken taming!  (But this is very bad for old-lady knees!)

The table is done, apart from more olive-oiling, and two more screws on the bracing that we forgot to put in once we bought more screws.   It look and feels totally schmick!  All that sanding was worth the effort!



Oiled (with feathered decorations.)

It apparently has the chicken seal of approval, though no-one has blobbed on it yet!  (Dare they?  You bet!)

Like a lot of the bespoke projects we undertake around here, it is probably the only table like this that we will ever build, but we love it, and it was worth all the work getting the old timber ready.  Those bits of Karri were 60 years in a house roof, and now hopefully they will be a table for another 60!  (The way Andrew engineers stuff it's a cert.)

Next timber project for me is to make another Anglo-Saxon lyre, just in case I sit on Mondream or something.  Then I'd have nothing to practice on for months!  It's not like you can pop down the local music shop for another one...

The other new project this week is the next afghan, but I won't be able to show you it until it is done now because the recipient might look at the blog.  Sorry about that. Here's a teaser, since they do know what colour combo they asked for...

Isn't life full of interesting things to do?   If you're bored, go find a new thing!  What will be new for me this year?  Maybe morris dancing and maybe tracking with the dogs.  Time will tell what sticks and what doesn't!   



  1. Love the table. So happy the old place is being kept for prosperity as 2 very solid tabes. Though I have to correct you on the age. House was built in 73.

    1. Whoops! I'll have to check in with you before making any more pronouncements about the wood! :D

  2. Great to hear the year is starting so well. Looking forward to knowing what you name your new lyre too. 👍

    1. It nearly got pre-named apple-juice because I forgot there were no dogs in the back seat of the car on the way home from buying the timber and turfed an apple core back there and then spent the drive home wondering if I'd stained the wood with it! :D


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