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Friday, 8 December 2017

Tea, Talderoy and Huntsmen

Weird title, I know.   Tea is easy.  That's because I've been to cafes four times this week.  Once for lunch with Andrew on a glorious bright summer day, with the Jacarandas flowering.

Twice with our Firey friends (it's a hard life) and once to write with a change of scene.  That was yesterday on another lovely day in a beautiful garden setting.

The amazing GF chocolate cake at Mojo cafe in Mundaring really fired up my fingers! (Don't worry I'm not getting paid so say that, it's just true.)

Actually writing is still going well.  I've done more than 4000 words on my novel this week, bringing my total up to a pinch under 70 000 words, though I suspect the title may have changed this week to "Satan Smith: Crap Demon-Hunter," since he's been getting his arse kicked! 

I'm also writing my fun "Christmas meets Freya" novelette.  That just flies off my fingers too.  Oh dear, it is going to be naughty!

Andrew did some work on the cottage today, on a piece of wood that had rotted.  The picture wall on that side is made up of all old windows and handy bits of wood that were kind of pieced together to make up a rectangle, and that bit was pine and had rotted.  The price you pay for living in what the English call a 'Bespoke" house!

Here's the window wall.  Can you see the little grey dot up high near the roof rafter?

That's a lovely large and hairy Aussie friend.  They're usually nocturnal so maybe Andrew's banging woke her up.

Reminds me of this pic I got some time back in the bathroom but forgot to post for you.

The juxtaposition between calm man on Scottish beach labyrinth and giant sinister Aussie spider with shining eyes amused me.  When I stopped screaming.  :D  Just kidding, I usually only scream if they jump at me or fall out of weird places! 

Here's a lovely smoochy kitty to soothe your nerves after that!

"You cannot avoid my powerful hypnotizing gaze. You will get up and feed me!"
Feel better?  No?  Ok, how about a rousing rendition of my own filked version of the song, Talderoy?  Talderoy went from pirate to Firey!  Beware, contains swearing!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.  Swear a little bit.  I've found it's quite
good for the soul!   

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