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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Little Chickies are Fascinating

They're a week and half now and growing oh so slowly.  Their little wing feathers have begun to grow in. Soon they'll be ugly ducklings, but for now they are still adorable.

You can see their varying colours well here.  I wonder which one will end up having the best colouring to be a show quality Silver-laced Wyandotte?

I spend quite a bit of time each day fussing over their needs as an excuse to watch them, because I do enjoy watching mama and her babies so much.   I'm not alone in that, though.

Rosie just loves to watch them, and Rover is mortally offended that she can't get in there and eat all the yummy things that they have.

"This is torture, I tell you, torture!"
In other fun news, the orb spiders are spinning in the garden, and this big one decided to set up overnight in our kitchen.  Um, no thanks!  Out you go!

Christmas prep is going on fairly well.  I had a couple of projects to finish and one is all done bar the shouting, but the afghan still needs a side edged, and a few more ends woven in.  We had some cold wet weather over the weekend, so that was a good time to snuggle in under it and get some good work done.  See me and Tuppy working so hard on it here?

Ok, it was mostly snuggling.  And, here, please note that my transformation to old lady is almost complete!

"Get me my slippers, Hennnnry!  And a cup of Bovril.  Me old bones are cold!"     
Ok, I'm so wearing a black t-shirt that says, "Many Gods, No Masters," rather than a pinny and cardie, so I'm not quite there yet.  :D  Aren't we all a lovely dichotomy of interestingness!

A couple of postal things I got for people for Chrissie don't look like they'll make it.  Apologies in advance if you are one of those people!  When they arrive, they will be very cool!

Mr Kitty says that Christmas freneticism is for the hoomans and the silly dogs.

I may or may not post again before Christmas.  Just in case, let me wish you a very merry season, whatever you call it, and hope that you have lots of time to love, and time to rest and read. If you do get reading time, and you didn't already, pop over and read the cheeky Freya gift story I put up for you last post.

We'll be playing ukes down the beach with the druids for midsummer and visiting with our gorgeous family and Firey friends for Christmas. I hope you have a lovely time too, however you like to celebrate it!  <3   

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