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Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Piratey New Year

Well, that was a bit of fun!

Do these google animations remind anybody else of the photos in Harry Potter?  They do me!

(Apparently I'm a zombie, or maybe I just saw too many animated skeletons!)

Was lovely to see my sis and her family having fun together.

We danced the night away... until 9.30 pm, when we all turned into pumpkins and went home.  :D

The little chickies are growing fast.  Here they are enjoying a dust bath and scratch with mama Spotty in the new jarrah sawdust I just put in for them.

It's baby cockie time again, and once more I find myself wondering how the parents can stand the endless nagging.  It's a bit shaky because I was holding my phone as high as I could, but you don't really need to watch anyway, just listen.  He's sitting there right outside our back door, nagging.  :D

In novelist news, a couple of days ago, I read this blog post about sane indie book pricing. 

I think this makes perfect sense and I've decided to join in. From now on my full books will be 3.99 US each and never go down.   I will, however, be providing more short fiction for .99 US so readers can still sample my work cheaply.  Just got to write some more!

May this year bring you happiness, connection and dreams come true!  I'm going outside to make a table now... as you do.       


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