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Sunday, 22 October 2017


It's all spooky here at the mo.  With Halloween coming in the Northern Hemisphere, and half-arsedly being done Downunder too, plus me currently writing my scary sequel to Chicken Soup for Satan, I've found myself talking ghost stories with people a bit.

Like a lot of people, I've had my moments with the unexplained.  My most teeth-chattering moments have happened when I was still quite young. First there was a haunted house we were doing up to move into because the rent was cheap, but it told us it didn't want us in no uncertain terms.

I'll never forget having to creep back in by day to get something I'd left behind in our rapid exit, after a whole roomful of us had been scared out of our wits by a window suddenly moving back and forth incredibly fast with no wind to drive it.  By then we were well primed by the coldness, the creepy feel, and by the way lights kept going off and on every time you turned your back.  The window was the last straw.  It took a lot of courage to go back in, but my boom box (yes I'm that old) had been left behind and money was tight.  In I went all alone just at sunset, and out I came like a sprinter!  Brrr!

After that came a share house down near the beach.  An old two-story that we called the doll's house because it was just an up-and-down box.   It was the party house for all of our friends (and not so friends) because we were the first people our age to move out of home.  Nearly every night the lounge-room floor was littered with drunk and/or stoned people who didn't want to go home.  I was riding racehorses at the time, starting stupidly early, so I got the reputation for being a bit of dragon because I'd get up and come raging downstairs and kick them all out if they kept me awake for too long.

This night, though, all was peaceful downstairs as I crept down to go for a wee in the only toilet at the rear of the house.  The moon shone in lines through the front horizontal blinds in the big window that fronted the lounge-room.  There were the usual silent sleeping figures on couches and even floor, looking colourless in the stripes of moonlight.  All was still.   I tiptoed my way past them, and began to turn the corner to go to the rear of the house, and came to a sudden stop.  In the opening that led from the front to back half of house, hanging from a beam, was another grey figure. It was sort of misty, shining in the moonlight, and it was very obviously a hanged person.

It was super scary, and I hightailed it back upstairs and never risked coming downstairs at night again.   Later, what struck me was the strangeness of how the humans in the room were not aware of the ghost, and the ghost seemed equally unaware of the humans, as if it was just going through the motions, night after night, of replaying its own death.

It goes along with that theory I've heard that some ghosts are aware and some are merely memories of a traumatic event.  The first was very aware of us.  The second seemed oblivious.

Do you have a scary experience to tell?  I'd love to hear it!   


  1. I Just posted this in another forum so copy and paste is my friend:
    I think I would have been 17 or so. I want on a visit to the old Fremantle (Western Australian port City on the coast, west of Perth) Museum with my girlfriend of the time. I had started, over the previous couple of years, getting feelings in some places. I think this was also about the time I was using self hypnosis to help me sleep and was exploring the idea of astral travel so I was opening myself up with no understanding of psychic defense.

    Anyhoo, we were wandering through the old limestone building when we turned to enter one of the galleries and I stopped dead. Literally could not continue. The hairs all over my body stood, or at least felt like it, on end. Cold shivers and a sense of cold unpleasant warning filled me. Mandy (then partner) had continued in. There were a number of people, I seem to remember moving around the exhibits. All appeared normal. She turned to see where I had gone and saw me frozen in the doorway, which was a large rough cutout of the limestone blocks that had a bleached white paint look. She asked what the matter was. I cannot recall the exact response but I think it was something about not liking the feel of the place.

    This feeling passed and I entered. We went over to a small room in one corner which had a definite cell look about it. The plaque on the wall described how this wing on the building was where they housed those considered insane, and the cell was where the worst were locked up. I again experienced shivers and very weird mixtures of emotions that made me leave the room.

    Another time, many years later, after I had discovered that I was overly emphatically sensitive and learned more about blocking the input of others emotions, my wife and I (though don't think we were married yet so was between 20 and 30 years ago) were over a work friends house for dinner. It was and old (for Australia) place with beautiful polished hard wood floors and had a very colonial feel about it.

    We had partaken of a little happy cabbage, so I accept this could have been a contributor to the vividness of this experience, but I had been aware of 'feelings' when we first arrived. During after dinner conversation the topic of ghosts and life after death quite naturally flowed and my friend said he felt that he was often not alone. He said he had visited a psychic and asked about it. This psychic had advised he had a small child attached to his energy field. I wish I could remember more detail.

    I was sitting opposite an open door looking out into a dark hall. While we were talking I kept feeling drawn to look out there. All of a sudden there was a you child's face, as clear as day and solid looking in the air in the middle of the doorway. A girl I think. Memory is cruel, but I remember the shock it gave me and bought tears to my eyes. It was gone immediately I saw it and it / she saw me see her. The others said the proverbial "you look like you've seen a ghost". I was half laughing, half crying at the shock of it.

    Anyway. That's the best 2 I have 😁

    1. Wow Gav! Scary! Especially the second one! I wonder if he ever found out who she was? ( Tina here, still having to post to my own blog comments as Anon hnaks to dumping cookies. :D)

  2. Happy to be involved. Also helps me work on my writing skill 😁


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