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Friday, 20 October 2017

Our Labrador Babies Are Six!

How did that happen?

Mama Rosie, Baby Angus, Baby Tuppy, Grandma Lynne, Grandma Tess.
Seems like only yesterday that these two beauties, and all their brothers, were being born.

Pretty sure this is baby Angus, or Rocket as he was promptly named on his birthday, because he came out so fast, right behind another puppy.

Yes she's on the couch. She had them all on the couch, apart from one puppy that she had when she was supposed to be outside for a quick wee!  Yes of course we had a lovely whelping box for her.  She preferred the couch!
I'm sure Tuppy is in this one, but I can't honestly remember who wore what bit of yarn, and telling black lab pups apart from a photo is impossible!

Rosie looks so young in that photo.  I guess we all looked younger!  Luckily, we're all wiser now too, to make up for it.  :D

The usual dog-photographing chaos ensues!

Ah well, in other news, this was one of my writing spots this week:

37 000 words written by the end of this week.  Almost at halfway!  A Firey friend has started reading 'Chicken Soup For Satan' and told me he's really enjoying it, and to hurry up and get the sequel finished.  I'm working on it, young Drew!  :D

This morning, we put on our comms brigade hats and went and did a rural urban interface exercise with a combo of a lot of brigades.  It was pretty chaotic at first.

But we soon got it all sorted out and the Fireys went out to do assessments of house defendability, then to set up house defense, as the huge imaginary fire got closer.  I got to try a new job; being scribe for the Operations Officer.  It was really interesting and fast-paced and I got to listen in on all of the planning, which was cool. If you don't think you can fight fires, there are plenty of other jobs you could be doing in a local brigade!

At the end, we all came back together for a debrief.  It was great to know so many people there, and I really enjoyed the human interaction.  There are so many lovely people in the Firey organisations!

I always like seeing the mix of uniforms at these big things!

That's me in the blue at the back there.  Love our blue shirts!  That's Max who i'm talking to there. Max is an ex-captain, a whizz on the radio, and a kind teacher, and I learn a lot from him. 

Tom, who took the pic, was amused by the 'no standing' sign on the tarmac there.  Glad to see others enjoy these little quirky moments in life! 

Tonight we go to our brigade annual dinner, and I am looking forward to seeing my good friends there.

Tomorrow I go to Just Add Passion for the Stoneville fete, and will be there signing books and networking with my fellow authors.  If you are a local, come by and say hello!  We're friendly, I assure you! 


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