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Monday, 4 September 2017

So Far So Good!

Fionn's leg looks ok so far.

The vet came today to re-bandage it and while we aren't out of the woods yet, at least it looks like all the stitches have held and his leg is moving correctly.

He was such a good boy for his rebandaging, and we gave him some hand-grazing and a bit of a groom too.  

Jen is ok, but looking a bit the worse for wear.  She broke four of the transverse thingies on her backbone!  Yikes!  Apparently it is quite a common injury for horse riders.

As you can see her smaller furbabys are making sure she stays warm and cosy.

We spent 'lazy' Thursday and Sunday mornings cutting back lucerne trees that were growing into the firebreak and down to the ground to make it hard for grass cutting.

Sorry, trees! 

Andrew's very much unapproved chainsawing technique!  Don't worry, he was using my littler chainsaw for this, but even so! 

 A bonfire up at the block.  Yep, living on acreage is lovely but it's not always easy. 

On Saturday I had a truck lesson with our very own Brigade Norse god, Thor.  Thor, you rock!  I learned so much and had fun too!     

Things are still a bit weird here.  Our routine is all messed up.  Hopefully we'll all get back to a bit of routine soon.  Routine isn't everything, but for creative people, there needs to be a certain amount to make space for the creativity.  Having said that, I'd give up every bit of my future creativity to have my darling sis still with me, which she very easily might not have been.  Hug your dear ones, and make sure you say everything you need to say.


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