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Monday, 11 September 2017

Pretty, Ugly, that's how life rolls.

Pretty flowers in the front yard.   This is a mix of two creepers growing over a stump, and the leaves are very different, but the flowers looks so similar. 

Glowing Hardenbergia growing up a Jarrah tree on our walk this morning.

The very very first spring leaf sprout on one of the oak trees here, with additional Tuppence! 

First leaves on the birch tree.  

I feel a bit like a new-leafing tree right now.  With the urging of my Shaman friend, Frances, I did a dismemberment journey the other weekend.  I have felt very light of spirit and free since then!  Beings like sand people from Star Wars danced around my body and took each of my limbs off, then my head, then took my body apart and they danced around and around with them, then put me back together. So funny!  Not what I had expected at all, but then journeys rarely are!  

On a more practical note, Saturday morning saw us being part of a big hazard reduction burn that was also run as a training exercise. I got to give my first red flag warning on the radio.  Let's just say we're lucky it was only an exercise!

What did I just do?   
It was a busy event, and all went well, with the usual confusion to keep everyone on their toes and make us glad that we do lots of training! 

So what's the ugly bit, I hear you ask?  It's Fionn's leg.  One week from his accident, it is actually looking pretty good compared to how it could have looked but it's not pretty.  Don't scroll down if you are squeamish!

In the meantime, have a good week and make sure you do a bit of the stuff that lights up your joy!

Scroll if you have a tough stomach...



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