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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Oh to be young again!

Not really, I wouldn't go back for quids, as they say, but I do love watching young Pippa enjoying life.

Spring has definitely sprung, although I noticed our deciduous trees have only just begun to liven up their bare twigs.

The Flame Peas on the reserve next door are flowering (and apparently interesting.)

And the Prickly Moses has gone nuts. This one was supposed to be a companion for the baby Jarrah but I think it might be being a bully instead.

Jen is doing well, and this arvo we get Fionn's bandage off and the vet will tell us how she thinks he's going. Fingers and toes crossed.  I've got really fond of him while helping out with him this week.  He's a big goober.

Jen took this after the vet visited on Monday.  I think he is a bit too big for me.  I can barely get his rugs back on him!

I've gone over the 10 000 word mark on my new novel and am really enjoying my characters and the story.  Being able to write anywhere really helps on such busy days.

Tomorrow we go to help with a big hazard reduction burn where they will be also doing training on it as if it was a bushfire.  I'll be in the incident control vehicle so am looking forward to learning a lot. Andrew is hoping to hotseat with a different brigade to learn more firefighting techniques form different mentors.
Have a lovely weekend, full of learning and fun and relaxation! It's always good to have the sort of mix of activities that makes you feel good on a Monday.


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