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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Past and Present

Sis wasn't well this week so I popped in to grab her dogs to take them for a walk with mine up the block.  I love this pic of Tuppy, Kelly and Pippa's butts taking off.  So funny! 

They were heading off to the long grass at the bottom of the block.  They just love that grass and graze on it like a herd of cows.

Nom nom nom!

We all get deprived of green in the summers here but I'll stick to enjoying the look and smell of it.   It never tastes as good as you think it will!

I did a little bit of drawing this week.  This quote, if quote it is, has been in my mind the last few days.

I just idly doodled around it while listening to a Druidcast podcast.  I might add some watercolour next week.  It's good to be back to doing some drawing!  Sometimes it seems like one type of creativity takes over from the others, but eventually I swing back a different way and add in a forgotten thing.   Going to a childlike, non-judgemental mode when returning to a creative stream is always helpful to get things moving again.

Yesterday I scanned some old pics of mum's.  These are my faves:

Me minding Jenny's Qh/Arab cross, Tigger, at a show.  He was such a nice horse and his name suited him very well.  He was very much an optimist.

One of my only (the only?) photos of JJ, Appy bred, with Jen and Tigger at a 40km endurance ride.  I only had JJ for a while.  He had some serious mental issues, poor boy.  He was a rearer and napper, and inclined to leap at people and bite them, though never me. Not really safe at an agistment place!  Looking back, I wish I had taken more time to sort out his issues by trying to see what a vet might find, but one generally didn't in those days, one just moved on to a new horse.      

Mum and Da very young and in love.  Those eyebrows!

Little Tina holding up even littler Jenny.

Mum's Cocker Spaniel, Danny. He was such a sweet boy.  I remember him as a very old dog when I was tiny. 

Cheeky mum!  It's hard to think of your parents being young enough to be naughty, isn't it?  Actually I'm getting so old its hard to remember when *I* was young enough to be naughty!  :D  

It's so nice being able to scan these old pics and bring them back to life!





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