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Friday, 7 July 2017

Best Laid Plans and All That.

I videoed myself playing a new song on the lyre today.  I was chuffed because I nailed it, not a single mistake, or I thought so until I uploaded the video to youtube and realised I'd missed out the whole first verse!  How do you even do that?  :D

Ah well, maybe I can redo it and post it for you on Monday.

In the meantime, life goes on.  Development on the website is getting closer. I am proud of how much I am learning and applying.  Every day I get better at it and another part of the site comes into line.  Old dogs CAN learn new tricks.  :D

The latest beanie is coming along. I still love the colours!

Two of my baby trees up at the block have died, due to Dieback I am sure.

As they dry up they go this colour.

It's pretty sad when trees I have nurtured so carefully suddenly turn up their toes.  

That red colour is a dead giveaway for Dieback and is why the horrible stuff is called Phytophthora cinnamomi, because of the cinnamon colour the young dead trees go. Older trees can hold out a bit better and die back by parts, but the saplings go off all at once.

So much for my experiment of giving the babies a Prickly Moses each to protect their roots.  The bastard bush, as Andrew calls it, is supposed to kill Dieback.  I'm not sure if these got sprayed last time we had the block treated.  Small trees can't be injected but you can spray them.  I think these guys might have only been new seedlings three years ago, though.

Ah well. You can't win 'em all! 

I like this pic Tom got of Andrew photographing at the IMT training. You can see him smiling even though it is from behind, and it's cute.

Michelle got this one of me at one of the last fires we attended. The fire was down a steep hill and I think I was feeding the hose down to the guys at the bottom.

This is my current thinking for a logo to go at the top of all my website pages.  

Do you like it?  My motto is going to be "Fun, Friendship and Fabulous Beasts."  Think that sums up my books pretty well.

Bonfire again tomorrow night and fine weather forecast.  Yay!  I've got mulligatawny soup on the stove bubbling away, all ready to serve up to our guests. Yum! 

Ok, time to go do some guitar, or crochet, no, guitar, no, crochet.  Dammit!  There are too many interesting things still to do on this wintry Friday night! 




  1. Love this update and the photos! That beanie is a great colour! The motto for your work seems very fitting! :)

    1. Thanks PJ! Yes I love the colour. Rather tempted to make one for myself if it works out. :D


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