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Monday, 19 June 2017

So Lucky.

Lovely weather, lovely family, lovely friends.  It was that kind of weekend.

Saturday schedules at the brigade involved a bit of this: 

Then we came home and set ourselves up with lots of this:

How I love a nice stack of dry firewood!  Some of that is gnarly bits that wouldn't split, now cut up with the chainsaw.  While Andrew was doing that. I was adding to these:

The tarped one is being kept dry ready for our druidy rowdy yule.  Our wickerman will go up on top if we can work out how to get him up there.  The other bonfire is waiting a few more weeks for some friends to come visiting.  Winter up here is amazing, and even better when you are sitting around a bonfire with warm soup and friendly chat.

We have an awful lot of lucerne trees that have fallen over this year or otherwise turned up their toes and it makes nasty firewood inside, so on the bonfire it goes.

Saturday night we went to Gogs and Thor's house and played Exploding kitten and Cards Against Humanity.   Exploding Kitten is my favorite of the two. I like the whimsy of it.  My fave card of the night:

No definitely not a version for kids, though I hear there is one!

I started my bro-in-law's afghan, too.  Again.  Yes it know, the original centre squares were all multi-brown but I decided to frog it and start again.  I like this better. 

Sunday I took my books along to a local gift store and am very happy that the owner decided to stock them, all of them!  However, first I want to update the spines on the cover so that my earliest works match my more recent ones.  There are, I think, five that need work.  So, my website design goes on hold while I do that and get the books ordered and on the way.  It will be a good first step to getting some more local recognition.

It's easy to see which ones need an update.  They're the boring ones!  I won't be able to get them quite as eyecatching, because my more recent ones have had the design go right across the cover, but I can at least make the font more interesting.

"Dog Slobber" isn't there.  I lent my proof copy to the store owner to read, because it was the one that caught her eye first.  I'm sure she'll enjoy it!

Today my youngest niece, Niamh, and I had fun playing ukulele together and writing a song, once more hunting out the patches of sun that we could find here on our shady land, laughing and chatting and singing while chooks scratched around our feet and the two Labradors kept watch.  It's lovely to have the energy these days to be able to help foster creativity in the next generation.   A truly Druidy thing to be doing!    



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