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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Smoky Skies, Good Dogs and Chocolate Ripple.

The sky to the east the other night. 

The sky to the west at the same time.

 Why we are getting so much colour in our dawns and sunsets just now.

A lot of hazard reduction burning going on because we have still not had any rain so conditions are perfect.  This was ours on Tuesday.  That's Pierre out there, also known to me as Thor, even when he isn't looking as mythical as that.

Some amazing sights of smoke with the sun filtering through.

I got these while standing on a private property with a Light Tanker, making sure I was ready to put out any ember that hopped the fence and tried to set those pine trees alight.  There wasn't a single one though. It was all very controlled, as it should be.   Ben is in there somewhere.

A nice 'cool' fire.  Not too many small beasties hurt and certainly none of the big animals, birds or trees will mind this sort of burn.

After I left the fireground, I popped round to let our Lt's dog, Harley, out for a wee and give him his lunch.  We walked up their block and had a sit at the top.  Harley is such a nice person, despite his hard start to life.

Is there anything better than sitting admiring a vista with a good dog leaning against you?  I think not!

Niamh's afghan is finished!  All ends woven in and washed soft, all ready to go to its new owner.

And the new one is begun.  I still haven't worked out how best to get the shape and the pattern I want, but I do know that this variegated brown and cream yarn makes me keep craving chocolate ripple ice-cream, or maybe vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce mixed through, a variation of what, in my family, we call Secret Food of the Gumbas.  We get that from my Uncle Greggie, who used to bug my mum with mixing his food to make Secret Food of the Gumbas when he was little.    Yum yum!  Chocolatey good!  


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