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Monday, 12 June 2017

Pony time

I had pony time on the weekend with my fave little dude, Jerry (also known as Pegasus to himself.)

He is so woolly ready for winter, though the actual depth of his coat is only possible to understand if you feel under there.

As Andyroo and I would say, "Woolly!"  I don't know, where do couples get these silly shared sayings?  :D

This week I am practicing being Exuberant, even on my fridge!

I came across this quote in my journal from Dr Estes' book, "Women Who Run With the Wolves. "

It goes so closely with things my sis and I are reading and listening to recently, and have discussed, about how you need space to be yourself, to find your creative spark, to truly rest.  Social media and mobile phones are stealing that space away from us.  They aren't all bad, of course, but you need to be strong enough to limit yourself.

May you find the strength this week to give yourself space.

Or, if you really can't get away, that you at least find time to switch off the electronica, to get under a ruggie or into a blanket fort, and snuggle until you are all better.  


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