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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cafes, Community and Crocheting

Well, here I sit after a couple of recent AGMS,  the new Resources Coordinator for the Mundaring Fire school, and also the Uniform and Amenities officer for the Darling Range Brigade too.  I like looking after people and I'm good at it, so these roles suit me to a T.   I'm pleased to add these roles to my community service, though I am still a Firey at my original brigade.  I very much admire the work that both organisations do for locals and beyond, and this way, I'll get to meet and work with lots more lovely people.  Win-win all around!

I'm dying to show you the website as it is so far put together, but I will be patient and make sure i have all the bells and whistles working before I share it.  I'm working through a very useful tutorial on Youtube. Ahh, Youtube, what did we do to learn new skills before we had it?  Wear out the patience of our more cluey friends, that's what.  :D

I'm madly crocheting, but can't show you them all because they are gifties.  I can show you this one, though, because the recipient doesn't look at my blog.

Cafe crocheting today with a good friend.  Cuppa, cake, chat and crochet in the winter sun. How can you go wrong?

I met two lovely dogs this week.  Murphy the Mastiff cross was first. Such a sooky leaner. I love dogs who lean on you. Not so much when they are giants and stand on you.  :D

Second was at the cafe this morning, this dear little Welsh Springer teenager called Holly.  Argh, so many lovely breeds of dogs, so little lifetime left in which to own them all! 

Earlier this morning, when we walked up at the block, the Flying Jarrah was looking very happy with her little baby trees at her feet. This is the tree that was so angry and sick, and lonely for the trees that were cleared from her south and east sides many years ago.  I did her a soul retrieval and planted these especially for her.  She is so much happier now that she has her babies and knows how to journey for herself.       

The screened gazebo is put away for winter now, and this is the new lyre spot, under the old horse shelter to keep the chairs dry.

I like the aspect, but the dogs can now go and bark at passers by, so they stay a bit too alert, ready to run and bark at all the offenders.  Hmm.  Will have to think on how to stop that.  It's not peaceful for anybody!         

This was my gift from the Universe this week:  The biggest iridescently-bronzed Bronzewing feather I've ever found.  These coloured feathers only come from one patch on the birds' wings and I didn't even think they came this big.  Thanks for the lovely present, Universe!






  1. I read (possibly even still own) a great book called "Past Lives and Present Dreams" by Denise Linn. She has an american native heritage and related a story about finding a feather being a message [from your guides or ancestors i think] Might have to re read it one day.

    1. I often see them as message. Once, one floated down out of the clear sky right to me, and I still have no idea what bird it came from, or even what type!

  2. Hi! I've been reading your website for a long time now and finally
    got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx!
    Just wanted to say keep up the great work!


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