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Friday, 16 June 2017

Beanies All Round!

It's the year of the beanie around here.

Nearly everyone's getting one whether they asked for one or not.  

Left to right, those are mum's, Jenny's and Uncle Greg's beanies.  Apparently Greggy has barely taken his off since he got it, but I think mum thinks hers is a bit too "Where's Wally". :D

Jen loves her though.

It really brings out her beautiful blue eyes.  (And just happens to match her gorgeous new jacket.)

And I finished the matching pointy beanie for Andrew's work mate Gary.  He tells me he loves it too.  They'll have to make them part of the uniform.   

 As for me, this is my new head gear for part of the day at the moment.  Just during screaming preschooler time at the school across the road. I'm told that parents know the difference but I'm not a parent, or perhaps it is the exact correct distance for all screams to sound the same, but in either case, it goes right to my lizard brain. With my chainsaw ear guards on, I go from nails-on-a-blackboard twitchy to sleepy-peaceful in a few minutes.  Ahhhh!

Obviously if I worked out of the home I would not be here to be bothered. Everything in this life is a mixed blessing.  These are better than drowning out the noise with more noise.  Quiet head space is important.

Cripes, think it is time to tidy my workspace!  I'm lucky I'm one of those creatives who works best in a mess!

And then there is always the peacefulness of our daily walks in the forest.  As you can see, winter is darkening the woods now.

May the weekend bring you quiet times and forest bathing and all good things.           


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