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Thursday, 11 May 2017


We went for an exploratory walk this morning and ended up going way further, up hill and down dale, than we had meant to do.  Such is the risk of a walk in new places!   This gorgeous old "petticoat tree" Jarrah was seen on our way...

After that there was a lot of pretty bush, and a lot of struggling down tracks covered with ankle-breaker honky nuts, and along back fences of properties, until we finally the turned the last corner and expected to see the car.. um, nope, not yet!  More walking to do yet, and uphill too!

Ahhh, at last, the car!  Phew!

Last night's full moon was in a clear sky and bright orange from smoke from all the local hazard reduction burns going on.  I tried to get a pic, expecting the moon to be orange if a bit small, and instead got this amazing shot.  Three times too so it's not a fluke. Something about how the smoke was picking up light that wasn't visible to the naked eye maybe?

Looks like the moon has rings like Saturn!

Speaking of satyrlike (I know we weren't but anyway) here is Andrew sporting his half-made pointed beanie.  Heh, evil Andrew!   I've got a few rows left to do yet!  :D

Yesterday I took time out from blitzing the bathroom to set up the mezzanine floor's window area as a reading and writing nook.  You like?  I think it is the nicest space I have ever made!

This is the view I had outside as I snuggled up there to keep filling out my Leonie workbook yesterday evening.

Only trouble is the dogs can't get up there, so I'll restrict my use to times when Andrew is home so they have him for company.  My sister's old Dalmatian, Flicka, could climb up the steep stairs, more like a ladder really, in the days when Jen slept up there, but she had to carry her down and I do not feel up to lugging two 35 kilo dogs up OR down!

Speaking of Jen, she made the cover of the local Volunteers Week package from Emergency Services.  Go Jen!   

Outside work has involved finishing the Wickerman so that he can dry out in the shed.
As you can see he has a top hat now. Actually we think he needs a cane too. He looks rather fabulously like he has just finished a dance routine.

Archie did his own first routine in a trick show last weekend.  He was apparently cheeky but amusing, as you would expect from such a naughty character.  

Pic by Waylib photos
Look how chunky he is now!  A far cry from the itchy, somewhat llama-like 18 month old who first arrived here.  He looks just like I always thought he would grow up to look, and it hurts my heart a bit, although intellectually I know that he really needed a special home like Louise's for him to mentally thrive and continue to be a good boy.  I just didn't have the energy to consistently be what he needed me to be.   


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