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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Weekend Shenanigans

Sadly most of the shenanigans weren't mine!

On Friday we went over and gave Harley a run because his dad, Angus was off can-shaking to raise money for our Brigade. I must admit we piked this year.  It was Andrew's Birthday (we thought!) so instead we went out for lunch.  Anyway, Harley is such a sweet guy with a really bad past.  He is very lucky that Angus took him on and saved him from a miserable life, and he knows it and is very devoted.

He's a funny boy and he loves a kong game, his version of which has to involve much shaking of kong back and forth and ruh ruh ruh noise-making.  Those big kongs are heavy. He must have a neck made of iron cables!

So it turned out that Andrew's birthday was actually on Saturday!  That's what happens when you don't look at a calendar enough.  Mum very kindly made some gluten free cakes for us to take up the station for schedules.  Yum!  

In the evening I left him happily amateur radioing in the man-cave and took mum off down to watch the younger nieces in a showjumping competition.  It was rather a big event and the entries for this class alone were 100 pony club kids!  As you can see, the walking the course opportunity was a little bit crowded.  :D

It's called a jigsaw event, which means that two kids jump identical courses at the same time, and the time they get is from when the first horse crosses the line to start and the last horses crosses the line to finish.

 Niamh was first to come into the ring.  That's her and Ollie going over the last jump while their partner crosses the finish line.  They were fast and neat and got a great time, though not quite fast enough for the winning line up.

  Here are Molly and Mahlee.  

It was lot of fun to watch the event and reminded me very much of when mum and I went and saw the Horse of the Year show in the UK.  What a fantastic day and evening that was!  Gave me a taste for cobs as well.  :D

I was very impressed with the horsemanship that I saw there, from tiny kids on up.  A lot of the ponies and horses were far from push-button, and the kids did a sympathetic and brave job of handling anything that came up.  It reminded me of my own fearless childhood riding days.  I wish I was that fearless now!

A large part of the rest of the very rainy weekend was spent doing musical stuff, sometimes upstairs in the reading nook.  I've been tinkering with Andrew's neglected ukulele.  It's a dear little thing.  I can see why people like them!         

I've been actually learning scales on the guitar too. Shocking!  It was finding this youtube teacher that set me off.  Thanks Sean Daniels!   You can't ask for a more enjoyable set of lessons than his.

Oh and if you'd like to listen to some music by an Aussie Druid whose music is far more advanced than his years, listen to this album by KC guy.  So pretty!

Crocheting is going well but I can't show you my current small project because it is a present. Niamh's afghan is one and a half rows from done, plus rather a lot of weavings-in!  The next afghan is going to be an Aussie camo one for my bro in law.   

The browns look a bit pinker than their true colour here.  I'm going for another big square, or in this case, rectangle.  I LOVE not having to sew the small squares together at the end and it is so much faster!

I hope the week treats you well, with much creativity and rest and love and all the good things.     



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  1. Sending love sis. You are so busy! Glad to hear your reading nook is getting some use and you have had time to relax too! Harley looks like he is having a ball.


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