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Monday, 15 May 2017


I don't know why that idea is on my mind today. I'm not sure it relates much to what I am going to post here.  Perhaps it is the Leonie workbook, which asks you to think about what you want to have happen in the year ahead (I know it's May but anyway) and not just realistically but to really dream wildly about it.  This brings you in touch with your actual path, your needs, what you are doing that is successful and not so successful.  It's an interesting exercise.

I also got a phonecall to tell me that Tori, my horse who went off to be a police-horse when I found out about the Lyme Disease, is retiring.  They wanted to know if I want edher back. As you can imagine, that brings up a lot of stuff for me.  I'd meant to do a 'Horses I've Loved' post about her for quite a while, but somehow I keep avoiding it.  I loved her a lot, but my time with her  got all tied up into the exhaustion and anxiety of Lyme, so that now my feelings are really mixed.

I did adore her though.

And we had fun together sometimes.


Anyway, once I got the Lyme diagnosis, I felt able to admit that having horses was all too much for me.  Tori's companion pony, dear little Bellamy, went to be the beloved and much cherished pony of Della.

And Tori went to be a policehorse...

...which I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed since she liked a bit of excitement.  They certainly love her there.  They are in no hurry to pack her off to just anybody, they were just asking me first.  I did think about it for a little while but no, I don't think she was ever all that happy here and I really do have no intention of going back to horses.  Not yet anyway.  Maybe not ever.

In other more cheerful news, the pointed beanie is finished!   No pattern, sorry, I winged it by kind of matching it up to his old one.   

There were just a few ends to weave in!

The weekend showed us some beautiful skies above the smoke from all the hazard reduction burns...

Including this bit of 'merino-wool' cloud! 

And we got one call-out to smoke that turned out to be a couple of piles of logs that were being deliberately burned by our local parks guys, so we didn't put them out.  The light, as it shone on the hill while we were down in a gully, made for some nice photos though.

Andrew continuing his 'heroic stance in sunlight pose' practice

Nope, you're out of the light now!

To put it out or not to put out?
We also took the dogs to the Swan River on Sunday morning.  The water was beautiful.  So still.

Except for the dogs churning it up.  They sent ripples right across.

They had a lot of fun fetching, which was fine...

... and then even more fun rolling in something truly hellish in its perfume, possibly very smelly, fishy bait some kind fishermen left behind, so home we came for a lovely bath.  Sorry, no pics of that, I was too busy torturing my dogs with the same substance they had so recently enjoying swimming in!  :D 

Sunday afternoon we went to Jen's place and had early dinner with mum and the family. Sorry, forgot to take pics!   What do you call early dinner anyway?  Dunch?  Linner?   



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