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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Naughty me!

I never did catch up on my last blog post.  Ah well, busy life means neglected blog!

We've had a bit of social whirl this past week. Andrew went back to work as a fire inspection officer for the shire today so we took our last opportunity for a while to be holiday people.  There was much cafe-going with friends and family, and there were also some brigade meetings and a going away party for one of Andrew's Firey work-mate friends.  Sorry, no pics of that one, I was too busy yakking.  What a great bunch of people!

We did another social event at our fire station on Saturday, inviting two other brigades to come along for brekky. It was good fun. I love it when we network.

Cheers! Great Pic by Dave Ramsay.
That's me bang in the middle wearing my blue Darling Range Brigade t-shirt and my black Sawyers Brigade jacket.  Torn allegiances!  The other Brigade that came along was Chidlow.  There was a lot of chat and much laughter.  Fireys are good people.       

Hi Phil the intrepid BBQer! 
That's my handsome bro-in-law Craig smiling there in the background.

We also did some interesting walks, including another one in a local reserve that is new to us.   It was a very drizzly day, and the water on the young she-oak trees along the trail made for a very pretty walk.

Once more we ended up going a lot further than we had meant to, and once more the sight of the car at last was very welcome.

Yay!  Time to rest my feets!

I finished Niamh's afghan, apart from all the weaving in.  Gawd the colours here are so off compared to the real thing. That yellow is actually a greenish teal, the pink is actually almost white, and there is no purple in it!

Full pic of the finished result soon.  I've also finished a beanie as a gift for someone and was a tad excited about it, because it is super cute, but I can't show you yet.  Oh and Andrew's pointy beanie is so much admired that people keep asking me to make them one, including a complete stranger we met in a shopping centre.  I have no idea why it is so much more noticeable than his old brown and cream one, but apparently now it is in bright colours it is desirable and eye-catching!  Well, it is pretty noticeable.  :D

Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't write up the pattern as I went.

Doopy the car is sporting a sticker showing my allegiance to a certain "Mr Wednesday with the one eye" as I heard him referred to the other day.

I had to buy some new t-shirts and got the sticker at the same time.  I do enjoy a t-shirt with interesting, relevant designs on it.  I hate wearing anything like logos for companies or other meaningless designs.  I love these two, though!

Mr Wednesday again!

Tuppy for sure!

As you can see, I'm trying to brighten up my clothing a bit. It's too easy around here to wear black all the time because of all the dirt, but that's no reason I can't wear something a bit more colourful to go out into the world.    

The native life around here has been going full throttle.  Almost the whole property looks like this at the moment thanks to bandicoots (quendas) digging for insects (loosening more dirt to somehow end up on my clothes!)

And this baby brush-tail possum was seen making for safety up the Illawarra flame tree when we came home from a meeting:
You can't see me. Really you can't.
They are so sweet to look at, but the screeching noises they make while territorial arguments are going on are truly horrific!

This week will be holding a lot of garden work for me, since there are many areas of the block here that need tidying up.  (I'll try to ignore that the block up the road needs even more work.)

I'll also be learning how to use the divi theme I have bought to help me make a whizz-bang Author platform website.  Wish me luck!  Andrew gave me a lesson on how the internetz works, on Friday, and bits of it his diagram that I really didn't need to overflow my brain with just had brackets with the word "magic" written in them.  That made perfect sense to me!  :D  Actually it is all magic even when you know more.  Humans can be so clever.

I twiddled about with the idea of a site icon//navicon over the weekend and came up with this little drawing of Bu, the dog from the Norse world tales.   She'll need some tweaking to make the design perfect for the job, but I love her. She is perky and brave, just like my characters, human and animal, so often are.

Have a good week!  See you on Friday!





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