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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Liminal Space

That place where things are neither one thing nor the other.  The time of day where you go from being able to see things to when you can't, or the reverse.  Doorways, windows, holes in the ground, mirrors, moments in time.    

The spaces where you are waiting for something. The spaces you sometimes need to pass through to get to the next goal or the next fun thing.  The spaces you can use to get you deeper into the Otherworld, if you Journey.

A tree like this in your inner landscape can help you to go deeper and leave behind the ratty thoughts.  Duck under it, or go through a door or a window, duck under a rock or into a cave, or pass through the base of a hollow tree like this one, the ones I call petticoat trees.  If you need something, look and it will be there.

We are in liminal space just now for a few reasons.

We have just inoculated ourselves with human helminths.  Yes we really did!  With a cluster of auto-immune conditions for me and inflammation in Andrew's joints that leaves him in pain every day, fun remnants of our Lyme Disease, we gladly added these little guys to our biospheres.

Here I am welcoming in my new tummy pets! 

The first stage is super itchy but it soon settles.  Five dots each, for five little hookworms who will moderate our immune systems symbiotically, just as they have done for humans for thousands of years. 

Now we wait. First for the 'bounce' that they say leaves you feeling fantastic for a few days or weeks, then for the time when they have reached your intestines and your body reacts a bit, and finally for the time where you hope that all comes into balance.  Liminal space.  Waiting in a place between sickness and health.  Hoping.

I am in the odd, still space between novels just now, too.  I've finally finished the proofread on the print copy of Land of Giants, and am not quite ready to start writing my next novel.  Oh, before I forget, starting tomorrow there is a half price deal on the kindle version of Land of Fire for one week, so if you want to buy the first book of the Norse World Tales at a bargain price, now is your chance!  

The AGM for our brigade has been put back two months and now we must all wait to see what happens to the leadership next year.  Liminal, and stressful. In the meantime, the dry autumn and a new idiot of a firebug has meant more fires.  This week Andrew and I got to crew the 1.4 on our own, and it was a lot of fun to be Team Merrybard.


That's Angus and Andy all the way back there.  They were in the Light Tanker. 
We all got a bit lost going for water to refill the tanks.  It's not surprising. There is a bloody lot of both native forest and pine plantation out there.

Nothing but trees and tracks for miles!

We ended up following another brigade, who also couldn't find the water, but they came over a rock in the rough track at one point while getting turned around, and it was a fun sight to see them up so high above us.  They make the fire vehicles tough for a good reason!

We blacked out a 20m edge around the smouldering remains and were stood down, and home we came through a stunning sunset.

Coming in to refuel the truck on the way home, and the mundane is made beautiful.

It rained a little today, so perhaps that is the last fire call-out we will get this season.  We'll be waiting just in case. Liminal space.


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