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Thursday, 18 May 2017


I finished my dream board with my word of the year on it this week.  I love it!  Being able to image search on google certainly beats the days of hunting through magazines for pics.  I'm not sure many magazines even contain the sorts of images that I'd consider inspiring!

Exuberant colour. You can't go past a good maple for that.  


What a delight to the eye!   With wind gently blowing them, they were even prettier, so I got little bit of video for you and added some lovely music by the musician, Hauk, from his album called "Love Songs. Lamentations and Lifthrasir."  The song is called "Freyja's Tears."

We had a lot of fun this week doing a photo shoot and article about women in our Bushfire Brigade for our local newspaper.  It was such a laugh and the feeling between us all, both we women and our family members who came along to support our effort, was so lovely.

I've been thinking about another short story for Freya Fjordrider.  I can't say she is my most exuberant character, because I need to factor in the mad Brodie Mac Brodie from the Norse World Tales, but she is certainly consistently full of life and fun to write. I had so much fun writing the last short story (novella?) for her, the link for which I now can't find.  What the? I thought I'd put it on this blog for you to read!  I'll see if I can find it.  

Anyway, when starting to think about this new story, I'd thought about going back to her earlier life, back to when she met the hideous but charismatic Ferss the Fierce, who shows up in Golden Bear, and doing the story of how they met and adventured together, but actually, the more I think on it, the more it needs to be a full novel.  Hmm, now I'm torn between writing the next Satan story and the next Freya story!  What a very pleasant quandary to be in.  I certainly haven't dried up for novel ideas yet!

It's Andrew's birthday today. Happy birthday dearest one!  We all love you lots!


I found this pic the other day while looking for something else. I've done so many interesting things in my life, and yes that really was my exuberant hair!

I wonder what's next in this exuberant life?


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