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Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Good Weekend of Interestingness.

Dawn this morning was amazing.

Let's hope it presages a fantastic week!

Our weekend was really lovely. we started it with a lunch for Mum and sis, Jen, on Friday.   Plus six Labradors and one brave cat!

All six dogs in shot at once, plus Cyrano.

Pippa did show little too much interest at one stage, but she is a puppy after all, in fact it was her first birthday on Friday!  Happy birthday, sweet Pippa! 

On Saturday we spent all day at a course for Hazard Reduciotn burns, a very valuable course, but quite intense.  I got home pretty exhausted and rested for a few hours hoping to still be able to go to the Samhain moot we'd planned with the local Druids, but it wasn't to be. Ah well, I am pretty thrilled to be able to go to a six hour course, even if i didn't manage the two things on one day!  Apparently they had a good time and are keen to do it again, so we are all go for our Midwinter bonfire here.

While i was resting trying to recover enough to go to the moot, Mr Kitty decided he was going to come on the bed and sit with me.  He has never really taken to sleeping on the bed in all his 13 years, but since he has got up with me, all of a sudden he thinks it is the best ever.  It is too!  We have one of those hotel-style soft-as-a-cloud toppers on our bed, plus under that a memory foam topper as well, all in an attempt to have less painful nights.  i guess it might be nice for old kitty bones too.  He certainly looks pretty cosy snuggled in there.

Sunday morning it was more Firey stuff, with a training event for the comms brigade plus the local fire controller types.  It was fun in a busy way. I got to be on a radio, pretending to be the central fire authority, ordering out brigades, ambulances, power workers, all sorts,  as requested by the controllers, as the 'incident' went on.  I never got any useful pics of that either!  I did get this one of the "Blue-shirts" using their excellent teamwork skills to get one of the gazebos back in the bag!

I do love the colour of their uniform. Makes a nice change from fluro yellow.  :D

In the arvo I spent some time playing guitar in the sun.

And worked on the Wickerman for our bonfire night a bit more.  The chookies liked me being down there in the paddock and came to keep me company.

Ah, my pretty, cheeky, Red Rover.

I love my chookies!

Today I plan on getting my "Leonie" yearly planner up to date.  A bit late I know but I told myself I couldn't play with it until Land of Giants was all done, and what with one thing and another, that has been a long time happening.

Ah, so pretty!

It's not too late to set some goals for the year, even if it is nearly half over.  :D


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