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Sunday, 19 March 2017

"Forever and a Day," on the Anglo-Saxon Lyre

Actually I've been in discussion with a fellow player who says that our lyres may technically be a lyre, but that they would have been called harps by the Anglo-Saxons, so we should call them harps too.  This makes good sense to me.  Now I just have to retrain my brain!

I've only recently worked out this song and would have usually got it a bit more polished before I recorded it, but I videoed it to listen back and see how it was going and the accidental view was so pretty, and it didn't sound bad at all, so I've gone with it.

This sweet song is by Portcullis Minstrels, from an album of the same name as the song.

I'm still not as fond of the block-and-strum sound compared to plucking, but it is certainly a lot simpler as far as memorizing the music goes, and makes a nice change between plucked songs.

This video has little bits of each song from that album.

In other news, we went out to a fire this weekend.  Someone had lit a backyard fire, which is not allowed yet for a good reason.  I got this funny animation while trying to get pics of the guys in the Light Tanker from my seat in the back of the 1.4.

It wasn't much of a fire, so it was just a bit of fun to be out with our friends in the firetrucks.  We had a good time that morning at Firey Schedules too, but I was driving the Light Tanker when we were out and about, so I didn't get any pics.

On Sunday we had a lovely day. We started it with a dog walk in the local sculpture park, then a visit to a fresh food store that gave us a chance to pat this sweet Greyhound.

Then it was off down to town to meet some of the local Druids for a cuppa in a cool cafe.  We talked for 3 and a half hours and it could easily have been longer.  I like Druids.  They are gentle, clever, open-minded and interesting.

Then off we went to meet our family for lunch to celebrate my gorgeous oldest niece's 24th birthday.  It was all fun.  Yay!   A perfect weekend!

Mum got her all-clear from the specialist at her post-op check today.   She is already much better.  Lets hope we can draw a line through that bad time now and she can move on and enjoy life again!    



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