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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Allsorts of Life

John Grey's Bulldog, Winnie, has survived her emergency spaying.  It is a magic of the internet, and of blogging in particular, I think, that you can come to love a dog you have never met.  I am so glad that sweet, thoughtful Winnie is once more blowing kisses.


It's been a hectic sort of week, with lots of back and forward to the hospital for and with mum, but she is home now and feeling a bit better.

We had three fire call outs this week.  I didn't go to the first one, made the second which was a car fire and out on arrival, and for the third, I arrived ready to go but didn't get on the truck because I stepped aside for others.  It's pretty good news that we now have too many people turning out to some of the fires, but it does feel a bit like you are all dressed up and nowhere to go!  I did get to photograph my sister Jen as she drove the 1.4 out.  Way to go Jen!      

We had some lovely thundery weather the other day.  The sky was amazing.

The storm was passing east of us when I took these pics, but later on we got our own share. We had claps of thunder as loud as any I've heard, just as we were going to bed and through the night too. It was a corker!  Luckily our current dogs aren't particularly scared, but they did get up on the bed for comfort at times.

After such a busy week, last night we indulged ourselves in a movie that is fave for us both.  Porco Rosso by Miyasaki.  It is an odd movie in a lot of ways. but what it comes down to for me at least is the beauty, the courage, and the humour.  It has a peaceful emptiness at times,  like a lot of Miyasaki movies.  There is space to rest in them, unlike most cartoons, even the very 'good' ones, which tend to be just too frenetic for me.

Porco Rosso was once a man and an ace pilot in the Italian air force, but after a traumatic air fight, he cursed himself to be a pig.  Now he flies the Adriatic sea as a Bounty hunter and say he cares for nothing.       

Miyasaki loves the vehicles of the sky, and invents many amazing ones for his other movies, but in this one he goes to town over the world war one and two planes and dog fights.  I love his vision.      

There is a very fun relationship between the young, fresh engineer and the crusty old pig of a pilot.

How does a pig get to be the romantic, sauve, tragic hero?  Well you'll have to watch it to find out, but he does, and I adore his laugh and attitude to life.

Pics were taken from the telly last night so are a bit crappy.  This is not really a kids' movie. It was made for adults, disillusioned ones, if some of the reviews are correct. Maybe that's us, I don't know, but we do always feel happier for watching it.  Give it a go!  

We've solved Cyrano's current jumping issue by moving his favorite bed to underneath the table it used to sit on.  It took him a couple of days to get the idea, but now he loves it and is so happy to have his fave snuggly spot back.

Angus has spent plenty of time with us while mum has been away.  He's been rockin' his SNAG self in Rosie's pink harness on walks.

And he's even been adorning himself with Plumbago flowers.

Angus reckons it's all about the love.


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