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Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Very Kitty Kind of Week

Cyrano is extra snuggly this week.  I think it is the cooling weather and no fire going yet, or is that too cynical?

He is a very large cat, which you only really realise when he is on your chest and you can't move one of your arms any more.

It's hard to capture this giant armful of purring kitty in photos when you are trying to take one yourself, but I tried.

Ahh, yes this one kind of covers it.  Mr Kitty not impressed by unflattering photo angle, however!

He likes this one better, as we all would.  :D

I've pulled my finger out and been working on the Amigurumi baby Buckbeak I've had half-finished for ages.  Kitty loves crochet time, and he is irresistible when he is being cute, even if he doesn't have his claws in your yarn.

Apart from kitty time, I can't say too much about this week. Some tidying work up at the fire station. Lots of guitar and lyre (harp!) practice. One huge reaction to some unknown chemical at drumming that left me weak as a rag.  (Bummer.)  One very nice night of messing with music with my friend Dowal.

I met Dowal over twenty years ago at a local theatre production of Camelot.  He was acting in it and I was helping with sets and working backstage (and singing my head off with the chorus). We both agree it was the most fun play we ever did.

Dowal plays a mean piano!  We're hoping to meet up a bit more to work up some songs together.  I'll try to get a pic or do some recording of us then.

Tomorrow we have a big brekky planned with another local Bushfire Brigade, so that will be fun!  



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