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Monday, 6 March 2017

A Day Late Again!

I'm sure you'll forgive me.  It is hard fitting double house duty plus hospital visits.  Yes mum is back in there.  This time a gall-stone got lose and made mum go yellow!  Blimey!  Off to the hospital again!  She seems to have moved the stone on her own, thank goodness, and might be able to come home today, but at least it means they will bump up her gallbladder removal.  It is pretty obvious to us at least that she will never manage to get to the 4 to 6 weeks they were wanting.

Once you get into emergency departments it is like entering an alternate dimension. You just have to give yourself up to the odd sense of time they have there, because you know it is going to be a long time before you get out again, even when you aren't the patient.  There has been lots of time to people-watch, and of course the nature of hospitals means you get to see lots of what they call the mad, the bad and the sad, and to feel very lucky.

A google search for 'the mad the bad and the sad' turned up this interesting image by illustrator, Melinda Gebbie. Yep, that's close enough to some of the people we saw in the ED!  

Adding a bit more stress to a life always means other crappy things happen because your attention is distracted.  Poor Andrew had a serious water event while I was off at the hospital yesterday.  He got distracted by a visitor looking for mum and left the washing up water running.   Oh oh!   The floor of the cottage is anything but level, so water went in all directions and the sink cupboard was soaked and had to be gutted.   We're blowing a fan in there to dry it out and hopefully avoid mold. 

One good thing that came out of this was that, since the kitchen rug was soaked, we decided it was a perfect time to give it a good clean.  Blimey, those power washers are good value aren't they!  I've never seen it so clean since it was new.  I'd forgotten how much I like the pattern.  :D

We've been walking all four dogs too.  Angus gets to stay on the long lead because otherwise he and Tuppy run too far afield, egging each other on, and since he isn't our dog, he feels that recalls are optional.   

At 13, Grandma Tess still does pretty well but she gets a bit tired if we go too far.  She does plenty of 'old dog sleeping' these days.

Angus just does weird sleeping.  How can this be comfortable?

Right now he is beside me in the cat's bed.  Perhaps not so much in as partly on!

He's such a dag!  He's a sooky boy too.

It's nice to have a snuggler around, even if it does feel like he has a thousand pointy elbows when he climbs up to be near (or on) you.  At nearly 40 kilos, that's a lot of elbow!   



  1. Definitely one of my favourite posts for a while!

  2. Hospitals are an alternative dimension indeed! Once we get there everything just flows in such a weird way... It is as if the collective body of pain have more power there, making most of humans to act from a state of fear/madness/unconsciousness.

    I'm sending light to your Mom. May she feel better very soon. And sending a loving and huge hug to you, my darling didi.

    I remember when our house was flooded in 2015. It was so much work! But afterwards we loved the feeling of renewed energy and the clean rugs. hehehe

    Oh Angus is so funny! Those sleeping positions require a lot of talent. :D

    I'm here with you. If you want to talk or want a meditation partner, just send me a message.

    Infinite love,


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