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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Past and Present

Sis wasn't well this week so I popped in to grab her dogs to take them for a walk with mine up the block.  I love this pic of Tuppy, Kelly and Pippa's butts taking off.  So funny! 

They were heading off to the long grass at the bottom of the block.  They just love that grass and graze on it like a herd of cows.

Nom nom nom!

We all get deprived of green in the summers here but I'll stick to enjoying the look and smell of it.   It never tastes as good as you think it will!

I did a little bit of drawing this week.  This quote, if quote it is, has been in my mind the last few days.

I just idly doodled around it while listening to a Druidcast podcast.  I might add some watercolour next week.  It's good to be back to doing some drawing!  Sometimes it seems like one type of creativity takes over from the others, but eventually I swing back a different way and add in a forgotten thing.   Going to a childlike, non-judgemental mode when returning to a creative stream is always helpful to get things moving again.

Yesterday I scanned some old pics of mum's.  These are my faves:

Me minding Jenny's Qh/Arab cross, Tigger, at a show.  He was such a nice horse and his name suited him very well.  He was very much an optimist.

One of my only (the only?) photos of JJ, Appy bred, with Jen and Tigger at a 40km endurance ride.  I only had JJ for a while.  He had some serious mental issues, poor boy.  He was a rearer and napper, and inclined to leap at people and bite them, though never me. Not really safe at an agistment place!  Looking back, I wish I had taken more time to sort out his issues by trying to see what a vet might find, but one generally didn't in those days, one just moved on to a new horse.      

Mum and Da very young and in love.  Those eyebrows!

Little Tina holding up even littler Jenny.

Mum's Cocker Spaniel, Danny. He was such a sweet boy.  I remember him as a very old dog when I was tiny. 

Cheeky mum!  It's hard to think of your parents being young enough to be naughty, isn't it?  Actually I'm getting so old its hard to remember when *I* was young enough to be naughty!  :D  

It's so nice being able to scan these old pics and bring them back to life!





Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Silver Skies... and Labradors

How is this for a silver dawn?

The first dawn this winter that felt like spring was a-coming.

The day brightened up but stayed silver for most of the morning.

And when the clouds passed by, the sky was so very blue.

The chooks and I picked up branches to take to the tip.  They were so helpful!

I'm very much regretting that I chose not to cut these Lucerne trees down when they first sprouted. because they grew huge in no time!  There is underground water there, which is how the king Jarrah, The Shelter King, got so big.

It was a nice afternoon for branch toting.  The sun was bright but not hot and it shone down through the trees so pleasantly.   Mum came out to drag some bits of tree up to the horsefloat for me to put in and we chatted.  Very nice.

Old Grandma Tess is definitely silver-lined these day.  She is thirteen and a half, a good age for a Labbie.  Dear old girl.  Nothing like her fiesty granddaughter, Tuppy, there.    

Tuppy is back on lead permanently for walks.  She got wind of a dog she hates (it passes by our place on its walks and for some reason they all seem to dislike it, even gentle Angus.)  She took off out of my sight, a good two hundred metres into the forest to another track, and had a go at it.  She didn't do any damage but must have frightened dog and owner horribly.  I gave another dog owner my own nightmare scenario.  I feel awful.

I'd thought our training had come on so well, and her recalls were great, and all I'd have to do is call her back and put on her lead if I saw any dogs hove into view, but I never got a chance this time.  I never saw the dog at all, and she just went like a Greyhound, never even put up a hackle to warn me she had sniffed someone. There must have been a mortal enemy component to her beef, I think.  Ah well as we say to her often, "Shiny body, shiny mind!"  She is just so super sparky about everything, and fast as a whip with it too.       

No point looking at your mama and wishing you were off lead too. It ain't happening ever again! 

Gee some dogs are hard work.  Makes me very appreciative of my past dogs like Keech who were just so damned easy.

Tuppy's bro, Angus, is a very different dog too.  He is such an affectionate boy, loves a pat and cuddle, gets on with other dogs.  Tall and solid instead of small and nippy.   It's hard to believe they came out of the same mother, but since I caught 'em both it must be true!

Tummy rubs with Uncle Andrew.  What a sooky wooky!

A shame I can't actually step through this gateway tree and pop off to another dimension where you can walk in the bush and never meet another dog (or person).  I'd like to about now!

Please, tell me I'm not the only bad dog owner out there?


Friday, 14 July 2017

Best Crocheted Hat Ever!

This hat is so funny!

You can go droopy...

Or you can go perky...

I love it so much!  Great pattern, Maybe Matilda!   Now I just have to tear it away from myself and give it to the recipient.  It's not going to be easy!   It amuseth me muchly!

In other news, much naturey stuff is happening, as usual.

This was my view on Wednesday down across our block through the Flying Jarrah.  A rainy day but it fined up for our walk.  I had a little sit on a rock to watch the world while the dogs rattled about sniffing stuff, as dogs do.

This is the first ever bunch of honky nuts growing on one of my little Marri trees!

Yay!  Marris don't get Dieback, so this baby is safe from that at least.

Last weekend we got to watch a whole family of Quendas (Bandicoots) rummaging for food right outside our cottage.  This is mama. The babies were too small and quick to get a good pic of from inside.

Hi there, cute, hopping Quenda-lady!

Um, yeah, bye giant humans in the window!

It's lucky such small moments of delight are going on around here.  I've used them for years to keep me going and sometimes have to even now.

I am still having bouts of vomiting, including again last night, leaving me very noodle-like today and useless for all the things I had planned to do. Off to see a Gastroenterologist soon.  Nausea should not be a regular event in one's life.   It's the pits!

The beasts think all this noodle-dom is boring.

Feel better soon, mama!  We has places to be and things to do too you know!   

Monday, 10 July 2017

"Savage Daughter," on Anglo-Saxon Lyre

After missing the first verse when this screen shot was taken, I did it again!  Yay!

Do I look savage enough?  :D

Anyway, here is the song, complete with first verse! 

It's a great song to sing if you are feeling like you aren't normal enough, or if you have been stomped on by someone, or if you just want to arc your courage up a bit more.

Work on my website is going really well. I set up my first individual book page today.  So close now!   Maybe by the end of the week it will be ready.  Then I can think about a competition to go along with the launch of the site.

We had a lovely bonfire with very excellent people on Saturday.  Ahhhh, wide-ranging talk with good friends, with a warm fire at your toes and the full moon gilding a cloudy sky overhead.  You can't beat it!

Don't worry, it's not the aliens coming to get us, it's just Gogs' headtorch. 

Arghh, there went my night vision!  Thanks Gogs!  :D

Friday, 7 July 2017

Best Laid Plans and All That.

I videoed myself playing a new song on the lyre today.  I was chuffed because I nailed it, not a single mistake, or I thought so until I uploaded the video to youtube and realised I'd missed out the whole first verse!  How do you even do that?  :D

Ah well, maybe I can redo it and post it for you on Monday.

In the meantime, life goes on.  Development on the website is getting closer. I am proud of how much I am learning and applying.  Every day I get better at it and another part of the site comes into line.  Old dogs CAN learn new tricks.  :D

The latest beanie is coming along. I still love the colours!

Two of my baby trees up at the block have died, due to Dieback I am sure.

As they dry up they go this colour.

It's pretty sad when trees I have nurtured so carefully suddenly turn up their toes.  

That red colour is a dead giveaway for Dieback and is why the horrible stuff is called Phytophthora cinnamomi, because of the cinnamon colour the young dead trees go. Older trees can hold out a bit better and die back by parts, but the saplings go off all at once.

So much for my experiment of giving the babies a Prickly Moses each to protect their roots.  The bastard bush, as Andrew calls it, is supposed to kill Dieback.  I'm not sure if these got sprayed last time we had the block treated.  Small trees can't be injected but you can spray them.  I think these guys might have only been new seedlings three years ago, though.

Ah well. You can't win 'em all! 

I like this pic Tom got of Andrew photographing at the IMT training. You can see him smiling even though it is from behind, and it's cute.

Michelle got this one of me at one of the last fires we attended. The fire was down a steep hill and I think I was feeding the hose down to the guys at the bottom.

This is my current thinking for a logo to go at the top of all my website pages.  

Do you like it?  My motto is going to be "Fun, Friendship and Fabulous Beasts."  Think that sums up my books pretty well.

Bonfire again tomorrow night and fine weather forecast.  Yay!  I've got mulligatawny soup on the stove bubbling away, all ready to serve up to our guests. Yum! 

Ok, time to go do some guitar, or crochet, no, guitar, no, crochet.  Dammit!  There are too many interesting things still to do on this wintry Friday night! 



Sunday, 2 July 2017

Polarity by three

There are or course only two poles, but if you could have three, they would have been represented by my weekend.

Saturday was all about home and creativity.  It was stormy, and very cold for WA.  Mr Kitty had the right idea.  As you can see, the bed is still his current fave snuggle spot.

There was baking and cooking to do, and I had a good time listening to podcasts and working out the beginning of this new beanie.  I finished another one too but can't show you that one yet because it is a gift.

This new one is chunky, using two lots of yarn at once, and I really like the combo I am using. The person wants bright, the brighter the better!  

I had to learn foundation single crochet and front and back post double crochet for this one, but it is worth it and it is always good for the brain to learn new stitches.

Sunday dawned bright and cold, and was also the complete opposite of Saturday in two other opposite ways!

First we had incident management team training. I got to be in the ICV, doing the radio messages to and from command central and the incident managers.  It was really interesting and kept me on my toes, but I have no idea what I was doing in this photo!


This was the view down the ICV from my spot at the far end as we all managed a fictional fire incident.

And this was happening outside as all the imaginary fire and support vehicles were showing up and being tasked out. 

It is pretty intense cerebral event, and everyone is always glad when a sudden 'cloudburst' ends the exercise by putting the 'fire' out.

Sunday afternoon we got busy getting ready for the second event of the day, a Wickerman and bonfire for the local Druids.  When I say local, I mean Western Australian, because we had one person come from as far away as Albany, far away on the South coast of WA.  Good work Jenni!

Our bonfire had survived the wet days by being covered under a tarp, and it was finally time to take off the cover and put up our Wickerman.

  Our first attempt put him too high above the bonfire, though he looked fantastic.

So we took him down again and shortened his pole and up he went again.

I may have been a bit bonkers by then.  Not saying.  :D

So we got together, did a small ceremony and chanted some Awens, then lit the bonfire.  Up went poor Mr Wickerman, taking something bad from the past away for each person and leaving them a space to put in something good instead. He did look sad actually!

And some of the faces in the flames were downright scary!


We didn't care, though, because we were busy singing and drumming the fire up to the sky.


It was really fun!  

Yes this is me, wearing a cloak and a beanie. High fashion it is not, but I was warm as toast. :D

It was so nice to spend time with such lovely people.  The kids had a ball joining in the ceremony, then running and whinnying all over the dark paddocks being horses. The adults had a good time too, all talking nineteen to the dozen.  Seasonal festivals:  Druids has them.  Less than six weeks now to Imbolc!

So, today, Monday, I feel a bit odd to be back to the normalities of life, but happy.  It was a good feeling to be able to provide such a fun night for others. 

I hope you had a weekend of differences too.  It keeps the brain and body in tune.