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Sunday, 13 November 2016

More Bonfire!

Heh, I have a new phone and has been fun to work out what it can do that the old phone, a venerable one of Andrew's, couldn't.

It takes pretty good photos of sweet black dogs in evening light.
"It's nearly dinnertime, mama!"
And it takes good photos of husbands having too much fun lighting bonfires, even small ones to fit inside the current burning restrictions.

Yep, way too much fun!  

It can do this, which amuses me mightily! 

And it does good shots of the fire burning lower and lower.

It can even capture that scintillating moment where it is all just coals being lit and dulled by the breeze like so many twinkling Christmas lights.  Sooo pretty!  You should probably embiggen this to full screen to see the twinkling properly.

Rosie was looking up at me, waiting to go in for dinner, in that bottom right corner. My new phone's camera wasn't quite equal to the Herculean task of showing up a black Lab in the night, though!


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  1. So much fun! :)

    The bonfire coals looks like a galaxy.


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