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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Down the River

We found ourselves with a bit of a free Sunday, so off to the Swan River we took the dogs.  they had a ball of course.

Lots of tandem toy fetching going on!

These next photos make me laugh because they are before three separate throws, but look almost identical.  Tuppy is bonkers and intense in every one and Rosie is doing this thing she does where she goes out into the water and looks out just waiting for the toy to land in front of her, as if she can magically make it happen by staring.

Come on, hurry up, where is it? says Rosie.

I'm not entirely sure I want give it up yet, says Tuppence.

Alright, we're puffed. Time for treats, dad!

Thanks for the fun, mama!


  1. Sunny, warm and happy pups in the water, I think I need to be there:)

  2. The cuteness!!! I want to kiss their noses!!! And their heads, the space between the eyes, then noses again. :)


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