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Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Little Creativity and a Lot of Bleagh

I have to take iron tablets, and the tablets make me feel crappier than anemia does. Such is the life of someone post Lyme Disease whose body is still sensitized to every damn thing.

Ah well, I naughtily didn't take an iron tablet yesterday just to give me a rest from feeling half-dead, and it was a blissful day indeed!

One thing I was very pleased to get done was this drawing for the Mundaring VFRS cadets' t-shirt/hoodie. It is to go inside a shield and some other lettering and such but the drawing for the design had to be done first.

Not sure, think I'll add raised visors to the helmets, and the hoses need adjusting, but on the whole, I'm ready to take it on to the ink stage, and then we can scan it and play in GIMP with it to make sure it looks good as white ink on navy.  Might go for dramatic lighting and shapes rather than line, not sure yet.  I did a lot of scribbling to get the poses right.

 The cadets wanted it to be serious, so serious I did it.

I've also been able to do a bit more crocheting on the current secret Amigurumi.  I always love this stage.  They look so surprised!

Hee hee.  Poor surprised little Amigurumi.  I wonder what he will become?  (I know of course, but I can leave you wondering!) 

It was cold enough for a fire last night.  Might be tonight too, but after that I won't be surprised if we close up the potbelly for the summer.

The dogs won't appreciate that!

Wish me luck, I have a rough few weeks ahead of me with medical stuff, and no easy choices available.  It is a lonely place to be in.    


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